In a dynamic and fast-moving industry, we empower our oil and gas clients with our cutting-edge technologies, innovative products and the support of a wide global network to realize the potential of production enhancement opportunities.

In the oil and gas industry where production enhancement is an integral part of the business, the ability to realize hidden potential by optimizing chemical usage, increasing production and identifying cost reduction for clients is highly valued. We take pride in the fact that this ability is also the core driving force of our business.

Totally focused on achieving the highest standards of services, performance, safety and environmental compliance, the production enhancement team has a well-earned reputation for providing clients with only the best custom-engineered solutions to improve their production processes.

All our production chemicals are specifically designed to meet the most stringent demands of the oil and gas industry.

Our Range of Quality Production Chemicals for Oil and Gas Field:
• Asphaltene Dispersants
• Paraffin Inhibitor / Wax Inhibitor
• Pour Point Depressant
• Demulsifiers
• Deoilers
• Sludge Breakers
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Biocides
• Anti Foaming Agents / Defoamers
• Water Clarifiers
• H2S and O2 Scavengers
• Drag Reducer
• Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors
• Scale Inhibitors
• Methyl Diethanolamine (MDEA)
• Triethanolamine (TEA)
• Diethanolamine (DEA)

Our Range of Premium Support Services for Oil and Gas Field:
• Engineered chemistry for your production chemical needs.
• Complete outsourcing of production chemical supply and support services.
• Management of Health, Safety and Environmental issues.
• Ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements.
• Overall monitoring of chemical usage and performance optimization.
• Integrated Chemical Supply Management.
• Service engineers for monitoring of chemicals.
• Product development and troubleshooting.
• Comprehensive technical support and services.



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